Baby Swimming Classes Coffs Harbour

Babies less than 1 year old accept water more readily and fear of water is acquired as children grow. Our swimming classes are a great bonding experience for parent and child. Our baby classes are not just water familiarization, we start teaching them basics of swimming right from these early levels by mimicking swimming patterns.

When looking for swimming classes for kids in Coffs Harbour; you don’t need to look much further than Swim Care in Boambee or Moonee. Swim Care’s real focus is our Baby Swimming Lessons. The baby swimming pool at Boambee and the baby swimming pool at Moonee have been designed and set up to cater to our baby swimming classes.

We start our program from three months of age. Our classes are not just about familiarity; but about the baby’s development cognitively, socially and physically. The skills practiced in the classes lead into regular swimming skills as they progress into regular kids swimming lessons from about the age of 2.

At Swim Care; we want to see our little ones firstly safe; being able to get to the edge and then we change focus to learning strokes.  For us; every swimming lesson counts; and we believe the earlier our kids learn; the better.

Contact us today to find out more about our lessons, classes time-table and to make a booking.