BOAMBEE – Lindy Van Wyk


Lindy has been with Swim Care since the early days.  She has been instrumental in developing the baby/toddler program.  Lindy is a rare find, we so appreciate having her such a big part of Swim Care.  She works Monday through to Friday mornings.  She also is the main trainer for the baby program through to Water Explorers.

MOONEE – Kirrilly


Kirrilly works Monday through to Friday mornings; except Wednesday.  Kirrilly has been with Swim Care Moonee since the start.  She teaches the baby program through to Level 2.  Kirrilly is a quiet achiever.  We are fortunate to have her on board.

MOONEE – Kelli Hall


Kelli started with Swim Care in 2018.  She is a fantastic girl, with a great sense of humour.  Kelli will occasionally fill in as receptionist at Boambee as well.

MOONEE – Suzie


Suzie started with Swim Care in 2018.  She often fills in at Boambee as well.  Suzie has a really kind personality, soft spoken and does a great job.

BOAMBEE and MOONEE – Gabbie Monro


Gabbie started at Swim Care in 2018.  She comes from Western Australia, and has settled in Coffs Harbour.  She is also a personal trainer.  She really enjoys teaching kids to swim.  (We need to get a photo of Gabbie with her eyes open 🙂



Lee is a triathalon junkie.  He really enjoys his swimming teaching also.  His wife says he comes home after work in a really good mood.  He loves seeing the kids progress, and gets a real buzz out of seeing them succeed.   Before joining Swim Care, Lee was an IT expert.  He is quite handy when reception can’t get the computer to work 🙂  A better photo coming soon 🙂



Tara is a great girl!  Tara has been working at Moonee since the start.  She has a husband and two great kids.  She teaches in the afternoons.  Tara is a delight to have around.

MOONEE – Robyn Woolaston


Robyn has been at Swim Care Moonee nearly since the beginning.  She is a very friendly; outgoing person, and she loves working at Swim Care.  Robyn used to work at Lord Howe Island for many years in the hospitality industry. Robyn happens to be Canadian, as is Lori.

BOAMBEE – Kaitlyn Grant


Kaitlyn learned to swim at Swim Care when she was a young girl.  Her brother Jarrod is also a teacher at Swim Care Moonee.  Kaitlyn is very involved in youth, she relates to children really well.  She has a delightful personality.

MOONEE – Joy Tidey


Joy is a beautiful natured lady.  She has six grown children.  She used to bring her youngest two to Swim Care when they were young.  Joy really loves her job.  She often fills in at Boambee as well.  She is always smiling, and never complains.

MOONEE – Jarrod Grant


Jarrod has been with Swim Care Moonee since the beginning.  He has an obvious ability to relate to young kids.  He is very mature for his age.  Jarrod loves his job because he hates wearing shoes.

BOAMBEE and MOONEE – Narelle Foy


Narelle comes to us with plenty of experience.  Narelle used to have her own Swim School.  Being a swim teacher is something Narelle can’t seem to shake, she really enjoys it.



Deb started with Swim Care in 2016. She; along with a number of our other teachers, first came to Swim Care as a mum. Deb’s young daughter still attends lessons here. Deb is a delightful lady, with a lovely personality.

BOAMBEE – Ethan Penny

Cafe -Saturday only

Ethan works in the café on Saturday in Boambee. He makes a great coffee, and is a very well mannered young man. He is also in a band “the Toads”.

BOAMBEE – Cindy Neal


Cindy is a main teacher at Boambee. She has 3 children. She has been with Swim Carefor many years. Cindy is very approachable. She teaches in the pool Thursday and Friday mornings (no afternoons) and is in the office Monday and Wednesday.  Cindy has been around Swim Care nearly since the beginning, she brought her boys here to swim when they were very young.

BOAMBEE and MOONEE – Cloe Bell


Cloe is our main Receptionist at Boambee, and she works one day at Moonee. Cloe has been around Swim Care for a very long time.  Her mum and dad started it when she was six and a half. Cloe is also studying to be a Nurse at Southern Cross University.

BOAMBEE – Dell Payne


Dell mainly teaches the older children, she is very firm and has an incredible eye for stroke correction, the majority of children that swim with Dell come out with excellent technique. She is an example of dedication and hard working. Dell has been with Swim Care for many years.  Dell teaches Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

BOAMBEE – Mark Howard


Mark has been with the centre for a very long time (About 12 years!). He is our longest serving teacher. Mark spends a lot of time here! He works tirelessly in the water and has the patience of a saint! It is not easy to get classes with Mark because he is so popular. He just loves his job and that is very clear.

BOAMBEE – Georgie Mallia


All of Georgie’s 4 children learned to swim at Swimcare and then they grew and moved on from us. Georgie decided she loved Swimcare so much she would like to teach here. Georgie teaches Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. She teaches morning and afternoons. Nothing is ever a trouble for Georgie.  We are very lucky to have Georgie on our team.

BOAMBEE – Katie Miller


Katie has been at Swim Care for a few years. Katie has brought her two young boys to swimming lessons here for years, and liked Swim Care so much she trained as a teacher. She is has really developed a following, obviously loves her job.



Troy and his lovely wife Lori built and created Swimcare in 2001 and have been there since the start. Troy trains the teachers, and is often seen watching lessons and chatting with the parents.

MOONEE – Lori Bell


Lori started Swim Care in 2001. She was the only teacher and receptionist. As Swim Care grew, (and Lori had a few more kids, and other teachers joined the team) she ended up doing the administration side of Swim Care. She loves Swim Care, and is always trying to find ways to make Swim Care even better.   Lori works at Boambee Tuesdays and Thursdays, and does irregular shifts in both centres.