Hello, we are the Swiss Family who met Troy at the beach last week. He invited us to come to Swim Care and jump in to the pool with our 3 year old daughter so she could learn the “Australian Way” of learning how to swim and float. We’ve very much enjoyed the experience with the teachers and Troy in these great facilities! This is a great place with very nice and friendly people!! Thank you all so much, all the best and Merry Christmas.
Nina, Chris and Cornelia

Nina, Chris, and Cornelia

Hi my name is Ros, I’m 66 years old. All of my life I have had a love of the ocean, but have always been afraid of the water.
My Husband tried to teach me to swim a couple of times, but the fear was always too great, and I was unable to ever feel at ease in the water.
After he passed away in 2003, and a failed relationship in 2010 my self-esteem and confidence was at an all time low. I made a decision I had to do something for myself- learn to swim. So I contacted Lori Bell at Boambee Swim Centre. From then on I haven’t looked back, initially Lori was my swim teacher but having to go overseas, Lori handed me over to another teacher at the centre- Helen, it was through her patience and friendship my confidence soared, a lot of hard work and a couple of lessons a week, as well as some free time in the pool I am now swimming laps regularly. This past January I did the ultimate Dolphin swim at Dolphin Magic in Coffs Harbour, something I never thought I would have the courage to do- it was fabulous. In July this year, I’m going to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef- who’d of thought?
So if you are an older person and have been thinking about learning to swim- give yourself a lift, contact Boambee Swim Centre.
The care, the friendship and the encouragement that all the staff give is terrific.
My self esteem and confidence has returned. I feel better in myself knowing that what I’ve done for myself is a life long ability, I can swim with friends and family instead of watching from the pool side- life is good.

Ros 2015

My husband and I together with our 3 children, relocated to Coffs Harbour in 2004. We were very fortunate to be told about SwimCare by friends and we immediately enrolled all three of our children for swimming lessons. We had attended several swimming centres in different places, and had become quite accustomed to large classes, disinterested staff and mundane lessons.
From our first visit to SwimCare the differences were immediately apparent. The centre doesn’t reek of chlorine, the entire space is painted with beautiful murals, and there is a fantastic outdoor play area for children. The staff are welcoming and friendly, but more importantly they are approachable. The instructors are excellent, always encouraging the children to be their best. The class sizes are small and the children really respond to the environment and their instructors. I have seen fantastic results in even the most unwilling participants!
I highly recommend this centre, the facilities and most importantly, the staff. Congratulations SwimCare on creating such a welcoming, practical, fantastic swim school.

Julie (March 2016)

We have been going to SwimCare since our son was 7 months old – he is now almost 4 years. He loves going to swimming lessons as he not only enjoys the classes, but he has built a special relationship with Lindy, his instructor.
Our youngest son has been swimming with SwimCare for 9 months now and also has Lindy as his teacher. The faciliities at SwimCare are excellent with friendly staff and educated instructors.
Your centre is a great concept and the residents of Coffs Harbour are lucky to have such a facility available to their children to teach them how to swim.