Welcome to Term 1 2016

What’s new in 2016?

-many of you will know Cindy from the pool and the office, starting this year Cindy will be taking over as Manager of Swimcare, she’s doing a great job!

-our 3 new teachers Dave, Nicole and Katie have begun their lessons this term and we are hearing lots of positive feedback.

-our lovely new receptionist Kerrie has started on a Tuesday morning, make sure to say hello and get a coffee off her.

-as of the 1st of March to the end of Term 1 we are offering FREE Safety class lessons on Tuesday to existing customers for those kids who have been in safety class a while and just need that extra push to get them through to Level 1

-The new level 1 program we have implemented seems to be really working to help those kids moving on from Safety class to further their stroke skills.

Hope to see you all soon!!! Happy swimming